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          1. 1914

            Brothers John F. Schaeffer and Claude E. Hart acquired M&M Manufacturing Company in Akron, Ohio, to start making tire patches, cement and repair kits


            The company was relocated to Findlay, Ohio


            Yila J, Cooper and directors of the company set up Cooper Group


            1939-1945,Cooper fully carried forward the spirit of patriotism and transformed its "durable products" sector into a wartime production sector during the Second World War

            The company was renamed as COOPER TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY

            Cooper was listed on the New York Stock Exchange as CTB, becoming a publicly traded company


            Cooper set foot in Europe and bought AVON Tires Limited, a highly regarded tire company based in Melksham, England


            Cooper entered China - setting up a joint venture with Kenda Rubber Ind. Co., Ltd. and building a factory in Kunshan. In 2011, the factory became a wholly owned subsidiary of Cooper, and Cooper acquired Mickey Thompson tire and wheel company.


            Cooper entered Latin America and announced the establishment of Cooper tire and rubber Mexico company; it had a tire manufacturing plant in Guadalajara, Mexico

            Cooper acquired the assets of the Taya plant in krusevak, Serbia

            Cooper established a global technology center in Findlay and moved its technology center in Asia to Kunshan 

            Cooper to celebrate the centennial history of the tire industry


            Cooper acquired 65% of the shares of Qingdao Grt Rubber Co., Ltd. to make truck and bus TBR tires


            Cooper opened two new distribution centers: a TBR hybrid warehouse in San Bernardino, California and a warehouse in Haria, Mississippi; Cooper announced the establishment of a joint venture with Sailun (Vietnam) to build a tire manufacturing plant in Vietnam


            In April, Cooper announced that Disvoverer SRXLE was selected as a Original equipment tire for the new Mercedes Benz GLE (a luxury medium SUV)